Friday, January 8, 2010

Prorogue Apathy Now!

The action of the Canadian government in proroguing (cancelling) Parliament to save their political butts, not once but twice, has unleashed a storm of political outrage. The Facebook group Canadians against Proroguing Parliament has exploded to over 80,000 members in just a few days, and it’s not the only one. Protest rallies are being organized all over Canada for Saturday, January 23.

Friends of Fair Vote Canada will know that this is only the latest in a series of actions by governments of different political stripes to diminish the relevance of Parliament and concentrate power in the office of the Prime Minister, and that the root problem is our inability to hold politicians and political parties accountable because of our antique, winner-take-all voting system.

Opportunities for political change come along only once in a while. This is one of those opportunities! Act now!

Here’s what to do:

 Sign the Declaration of Voters’ Rights: Forward this message to all your contacts and ask them to do the same.

 Download and print off a copy of the Declaration of Voters’ Rights, get ten signatures, and mail it to Fair Vote Canada.

 Attend one of the anti-proroguing rallies with copies of the Declaration and get more signatures.

Here are more ways to build a better democracy in Canada:

 Join Fair Vote Canada and support us with your donation:

 Join our Facebook and Twitter groups and become a fan. Share with your online friends.

 Get involved with Fair Vote Canada as a volunteer and join your local chapter

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