Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Neon News 130703 Thank you, Stanley Knowles!


Having reached the age where a grateful nation sends me cheques every month in appreciation for my contributions to the economy over lo, these many years, I am stepping away from the demanding work of being executive director of Fair Vote Canada to concentrate on my career as a rock 'n' roll superstar.

In case that doesn't pan out right away, and since the nation isn't quite as grateful as perhaps it ought to be, I would be interested in hearing about any opportunities you may come upon for part-time or contract work in non-profit administration, communications, government and media relations, or any other work in the field of democracy, social justice, or poverty alleviation. I would consider full-time if the opportunity is sufficiently interesting.

If you call me a consultant, I won't be offended.

Of course, if you need any musical dirty deeds done dirt cheap, I'm your man. I sing, play a thousand instruments, and above all, love to compose and arrange.

Coming up:

Gordon's Acoustic living Room continues its ten-year run of monthly gigs at The Free Times Café, 320 College Street (just west of Spadina). See you there on Sunday, July 21, 8 pm to 11.

On Saturday, August 17, I'll be doing a twofer. The Mississauga Big Band Jazz Ensemble will be playing the 3:30 matinee at legendary jazz bar The Rex Hotel, 194 Queen Street West.

That same evening, Gordon's Acoustic Living Room plays a rare Saturday gig at The Free Times.

Oh, and look for The Axes of Evil at Big On Bloor, July 20.

In the immortal words of Allen Toussaint: Everything I do gonna be funky—from now on.

Wayne Neon